What is the difference between your version, the Windrestrictor®, and others available on the market?


Over the past several years the brand name Windrestrictor® has received a lot of attention around the world. The reason for this is simple, we make a quality product. Our founder, Robert King Pennington was the originator and inventor of the Laser Engraved- Illuminated Windrestrictor®.

Robert, a roadster owner and entrepreneuer, decided that he was not satisfied with the wind blocking devices that were available for convertibles at the time he bought his first convertible. He had worked very hard to be able to afford his new roadster and wanted nothing but the best quality when it came time to purchase new accessories for it. Over the next few years Robert developed a product that would soon place his company, King Penn Industries Inc., as front runners in the industry having shipped his unique products to over 35 different countries world wide.

All of our designs currently offered were engineered by professionals. Countless hours of research and development work go into each and every design that we release here at KPI. Sometimes we are asked why it takes so long for us to release a new design and the answer is always the same, quality products take time to develop. You will never see a cheap piece of thin plastic with 2 velcro straps around it anywhere on our website. We would not have something like that on our convertibles and could not sell a product like that. It just does not line up with the quality of the cars that we work with. We've had a great number of people drive into our shop here in Dallas and ask us for help because they purchased one of the cheaper products and they were not satisfied at all.

Unlike most on the market, our Windrestrictor® products come with a lifetime warranty. Some additional features and benefits that are exclusive to the Windrestrictor® include...

- constructed from the strongest, most durable material available and they are 20X stronger than real glass

- AR2 double sided scratch resistent coatings

- real laser engraved logos and images, not cheap stickers that tend to fade and peel off over time

- high quality, custom lighting systems built specifically for our patent pending products

- we use only strong, unique and durable mounting systems that stand up to time and speed

- ellegant and unique designs that belong on a fine convertible

- made with care right here in the USA!

**Beware of cheap imitations. We've heard numerous stories about poor quality knock offs and people that were scammed into thinking they were dealing with us when in fact they were not. We are always available by phone or in person and all of our contact information is readily available on our website under "contact us". When you purchase from us we stand behind our products 100% and you will know that you are dealing with the best.

Windrestrictor® is a Registered Trademark of King Penn Industries Inc.

Which accessories do I need to get to make the Windrestrictor® illuminate?


Each and every illuminated Windrestrictor® order we ship out will come with everything you need to make your product light up. The standard way is to get power from the head light/running lights or your brake lights. All of the options on the order page at the bottom are "accessories" and are not necessary to make your product light up. There is a video link that reads, "Accessories Information Video" on each and every order page. Please watch this video and it will give you a complete overview on all of the accessories that we offer. You can always add accessories to your product at any time, but it is more convenient to go ahead and install them at the time of original installation if you think you will want them. Just a note, you will not need an on/off switch if you will be ordering any of the following. Dimmer Module, Brake Lamp Module or Extreme Lighting Kit. They all come with their own on/off switch.

Where are the instructions for installing your products?


Complete installation instructions will be sent out with every order. These instructions will include a step by step guide with photos included. We have made all of our instructions as simple as possible because we know how important it is to the customer. Some of our top selling products even come with an installation video link noted where you will be able to watch us go through a complete installation before you get started. Also, we are available by phone Monday - Friday and oftentimes on Saturday just incase you need any assistance. 90% of our customers install our products themselves and 10% will take them do their local dealerships or auto accessory shop. Light mechanical knowledge is required such as being able to turn a screw driver or attaching two wires together but we guarantee it's nothing advanced. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to hear more about the specific installation you are inquiring about. We are always excited to hear from you!

What are the differences, and/or possible advantages of version 1 and version2 WindRestrictors for the new SKY and Solstice?


The basic difference between KPI's Version 1 and Version 2 is the place it mounts in the car, and the type of mounting that takes place.

Version 1 is 1/8th of an inch thick abrasion resistant cast acrylic material. It mounts between the trunk and deck lid with the four factory screws. An LED light strip comes attached if yours was ordered with illumination. Installation time, non-illuminated, is about 10-15 minutes. Installation time for illuminated is 15-40 minutes, depending on your knowledge of basic positive and negative wiring with red (+) and black (-) 16-20 gage wires. We do ask that you remove the Version 1 when keeping your top up for more than a day. Because of this we include a storage case with your order. Although it looks amazing, because of the mounting point the convertible top does touch the Windrestrictor® when it's in the up position. If it gets extremely hot the product may begin to bend in a bit and it could potentially cause dammage to the WR over extended periods of time. This is specifically for the sky, solstice and opel Version 1 Windrestrictor.

Installation instructions will be included in shipping process, or you can download them from the top section of this web page.

Version 2 is 1/4 inch thick abrasion resistant cast acrylic material, and is mounted behind the seats with our clear rubberized industrial strength dual lock strips. These strips make it very easy to remove the WindRestrictor when desired. Installation time is very close to the Version 1. The Version 2 seems slightly more of a custom product whereas the V1 by appearances seems more like a factory option.

Many of our customers love V1 and it seems just as many want the V2. The top can be put up and down with both versions although we do recommend going with the Version 2 if you will be keeping your top up most of the time. Clear rubberized material is attached to the V2 to prevent vibration at high speeds, and four small bumpers are included in the V1 package so that the top does not touch the Windrestrictor® if you have it up for short periods of time. Both versions look amazing and we are sure you will enjoy either one of them! Remember, we give returned customer discounts so if you ever want to get a second one and design your own custom project we can help!

Is your company a distributor of the WindRestrictor or do you manufacture them as well?


WindRestrictor is the creator, designer, fabricator, manufacturer and the distributor of all our products. We are the originators of the Illuminated & Etched WindRestrictor and do all of our own marketing and distributing. If you see any of our WindRestrictors then they were manufactured by us. However, we do have many dealer accounts with many different distributors, and even a good amount of car dealerships now carry our product. In the future we have a vision that our WindRestrictor will be in many dealerships all over the word and that it may even become a factory option in some of the future production cars. Even though we are a somewhat small family-owned company we are the leaders in the industry of quality acrylic wind deflectors. With only a few models in mass production at this time, in the near future we will be able to offer quality WindRestrictors for most all high-end roadsters on the market. Once we conquer the roadster market, we then plan to create WindRestrictors for other convertibles.

What is the main reason to purchase a WindRestrictor?


Most roadster owners purchase a WindRestrictor because they want something that will deflect wind turbulence in their cabin when driving a speeds over 40 mph with the windows up. The added feature of laser etched graphics and illumination is the second reason. Roadster owners of all ages love this amazing feature because it adds the perfect unique touch to the fine roadster that really sets their car apart from all others. Most say that it is an absolute "must have".

What makes your WindRestrictor different from the factory wind deflectors on the market including the OEM wind screens?


This is a one of a kind product and the quality is unbeatable. We are the only company that offers etching and illumination, the installation is simple and you do not have to permanently alter your fine roadster by drilling holes to attach it. Most OEM wind screens that come with a roadster as a factory option and are made out of a screen net material. These OEM wind deflectors sometimes work well to deflect the wind, however they are just plain unattractive. The mounting that some require involves drilling holes into the body of the roadster and most owners do not like this idea either. There are some new companies offering plastic wind deflectors at lower price, however all of them that we have reviewed have many problems including that they are not scratch-resistant, they are cheaply manufactured and many more disadvantages.

I like the wind blowing in my face. Will the WindRestrictor eliminate all wind?


No, not at all, the WindRestrictor will only restrict the back draft, which is the wind that enters from the rear at speeds over 40 mph. With the windows and top down you will get plenty of wind, but it will just mostly come from one direction, over the top, so it's a lot less intense. You can control how much wind you want by adjusting your side windows. With the side windows all the way down even with the WindRestrictor in place you will get a greater amount of wind in your cabin.

Does the WindRestrictor obstruct vision?


We do not get complaints on this issue. This really depends on what etching you want. The etching looks like smooth etched glass so it is not like you will have a decal on your window. Due to the contrast of the etching it will cause minimal distraction. However, the larger the etching is the more obstruction there will be. With a smaller etching there is minimal interference with vision. The ONLY report we have had about vision obstruction is in complete darkness with the WR illuminated at full brightness when looking directly through the WR and reversing. For this reason we recommend installing a push button switch that you can conveniently turn off when reversing in complete darkness. In general though, it's almost as if you are looking right through the engravings and will not hinder your view from the rear at all.

With the WindRestrictor installed, is there any interference with raising or lowering the top?

No interference at all. The top is fully operational and there should be no interference from the WindRestrictor.

Does the installation of the WindRestrictor require any permanent alterations?


No, we design all of our WindRestrictors so that they can attach to your roadster with the least amount of alterations. You may have to remove a screw or bolt and replace it with a different one that we will include that allows the mounting bracket to attach the WindRestrictor. Never will you have to drill any holes or add any glue or tacky fasteners like other wind deflecting devices on the market. The entire installation process takes about 15-20 minutes. Step by step instructions are included with every order we send out.

Is seat movement restriction with the WindRestrictor in place?


The ONLY version that will cause any loss of seating space is with the SLK 170 and only with the large version V2. Approximately 1 inch will be lost when the seat is in the full back position. It does not interfere with the function of the seat; it will just restrict the headrest from going all the way into the center of the roll bar. Also, no leg room will be lost at all. On the Corvette Windrestrictor® the back of seat will rest against the product. This is normal but will not restrict any seat movement at all. Very tall drivers that require their seats in the furthermost back position will want to move their seat all the way down so that they can lean the seat futher back.

What colors of illumination do you offer?


We offer the standard red illumination, most customers choose this color to match the tail lamps. We also offer blue, green, yellow/amber, orange, white, purple and pink. Recently, we've added the new "Extreme Lighting Kit" with remote control. This is an RGB color changing system that allows you to choose between 8 different colors and several fading and step functions as well.

I just want a product that deflects wind I don't want any etching or illumination. Are there other places to get wind deflectors at a lower price?


WindRestrictor offers 3 different versions. The clear version, the etched version, and the etched & illuminated version. There are many other companies offering wind deflecting devices. We have purchased all of them that seemed to be of acceptable quality and inspected them closely. We have not found anyone else that offers a wind deflector that is laser cut to perfection. Most of the ones out there were either cut out with a router and the edges were not even, they were not the correct thickness, not scratch resistant, not clear around the edges, they were made out of materials that will not emit illumination and they will discolor and turn yellow over time due to the type of acrylic they use. The mounting they require is also not the quality that we offer so this is another disadvantage. You get what you pay for, all of our products are reasonably priced and we stand behind our products 100%. Please refer to the section above that tells about what sets our product apart from the rest of them on the market. Oftentimes we will run specials or in house promotions that could save you a bit of money. Please feel free to email us to see if we are running any monthly specials at the time. Also, we do have a few that have been on the shelves for awhile that we may possibly be able to mark down a bit if you don't mind a hairline scratch or very slight imperfection. We really do not want anyone to go without our beautiful products just because of money issues. The Windrestrictor® is a must have for all convertibles!

Is it difficult to hook up the wiring for the illumination?


No, it is actually simple. There are 2 wires; one is grounded to the body of your car by placing the negative wire behind a metal nut and tightening it and the positive wire hooks to the brake lamp or driving lamp wire located in the harness in the trunk. We include step by step instructions on how to do this or if you would prefer to have someone else do it you can take it to a local car audio shop or dealership so they can do it for you. Some of our accessories will take a bit more time to install but again we included full printed instructions with every order and we are available by phone if you need any assistance at all.

Can you do a custom project?


Yes and no. At this time we do not sell Windrestrictors for any cars that are not on our website. In other words, we can not do a custom project just for your vehicle. We encourage you to write us if you do not see your car on the list so that we can get your interest recorded and it will help us along in the process of trying to determine which cars need to be worked on as far as development work. Now, we do handle CUSTOM laser engraved graphics. In fact, we love doing custom graphic projects! Please take the time to stop by and check out our custom galleries. We have hundreds of photos on our galleries that will show you what some of our other customers have done in the past. Feel free to pick from something that someone has got before, or we can design your own personal graphics for you also. All custom work is started after the order has been placed and paid for on our website. After payment is received it will send a notification to our graphics department to contact you to get your order started. We are set up to do photo-quality images as well as basic text and black and white logos. You can communicate with them so that you get exactly what you want with no worries or hassle. There is no charge for this service and it comes with 1 hour of graphics work. Custom work is not done without your order being placed and all projects are done in chronological order so that it is fair to all of our customers. Take a look at our custom galleries and rest assured we know what we are doing!

What kind of art work works best and what kind of file do you accept for a custom etching to be done?

The custom etching can be done from any basic file format. The higher the resolution the better. If you have experience creating graphics please use a solid black background and grayscale images. Otherwise, we can do all of the work for you if you just send us a sample of the idea that you want or clip it off of the internet and just send it in to us. Please send all graphics to Stephen@windrestrictor.com

What's the lead time on a job?


Standard orders are usually shipped within the first week, however may take up to 14 business days. Custom orders oftentimes ship out within that time frame also but may take up to 4-6 weeks depending on the amount of work that needs to be done with them. If you are having trouble coming up with an idea for your design it is always better to get your order placed first so that we can begin building the product right away. We never do any engraving work without approval so you would be able to work with our graphics artist until we get you something you will like.

What is needed in order to provide me with a quote on a custom etching?

  • Nothing really, we do not have a quote process for custom work. The good news is, we charge the same low rate for all custom work. If you want custom text, it's 65.00. If you want custom graphics, it's 105.00. If you choose custom graphics you will not pay the 65.00 for any text because 105.00 will cover all custom work including graphics and text. It does not matter what kind of image it is, it's still 105.00. That information is found directly on our order pages for each and every vehicle. Please contact us via email if you have any questions about the custom graphics process or if you just have questions about how you think it is best to proceed. If you are undecided about what graphics you want but you are sure you want custom graphics, place your order and then you can begin working with our Artist and they will help you get what you want while at the same time your project is being built so that you don't have to wait so long after you decide on your graphics with the Artist.

How does the WindRestrictor illuminate, and what kind of light do you use?


We use only the highest quality LED lighting on the market. It took much trial and error to figure out the best lighting source. A super thin high tech LED light strip is mounted to the bottom center of the WindRestrictor with a small bracket. The light strip is manufactured to be the perfect size so that the tiny high-powered 180 degree light emitting high-powered LED's will distribute the perfect amount of light to make the laser etching on the front of the plastic light up evenly and also make the crystal-clear edges of the WindRestrictor glow. This will accent the roll bars or humps of your roadster perfectly. This illumination system is part of our patent pending invention, the etched and illuminated Windrestrictor®

Is it legal to have the illumination turned on while driving?


We have yet to have any complaints whatsoever about anyone getting any tickets or traffic stops because of the illumination of our product alone. If you choose the standard red light kit then the illumination will match your tail lamps and this should be 100% legal in any state. If you order a WindRestrictor with other colors then you should not have any problems with legality. If you do, please contact us and let us know. We have contacted a few law enforcement organizations and none of them seem to feel that it would cause any legal problems unless the light is flashing or changes from red to blue. If you have any concerns about this at all we do recommend getting the dimmer control knob with the on/off switch built in to it. That way you can turn it off at any time for any reason at all. Again, if you feel there are any problems at all with the lighting contact your local law enforcement to determine your counties regulations.

What if I am not satisfied with the product?


KPI is in the business of making satisfied customers. We want to treat people the way that we would like to be treated. Because of that, we encourage you to contact us if you are ever not satisfied with one of our products. Unlike many today, we pick up our phone and we address customer's concerns and needs. We operate with integrity and honesty. We do not misrepresent our products in any way and are proud of what we offer. We do have a return policy that you can read up on in our general terms and conditions. Our windrestrictor line does carry a lifetime warranty though so there should never be anything that comes up that we can not handle. Please refer to our testimonials section for countless great reviews that we've got for our products and our company.

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Fast Ride: No Wind.

Convertible driving has never been more fun!

Introducing the all new Windrestrictor® for the Mercedes Benz SLK R172 roadster. We feel this wind restrictor will change the convertible driving experience forever! Our engineers spent a lot of time and energy on this beautiful windblocker. We’ve been known over the last several years for our product quality and top notch customer service. When you see this design in person, I know you will agree that it’s nothing less than OEM quality at an aftermarket price. Our SLK windschott is designed to block the maximum amount of wind turbulence from entering the cabin as possible when driving with the top down at highway speeds.

This laser etched and illuminated windscreen from King Penn Industries will add sharp distinction to your already impressive convertible SLK. This product is highly reviewed on the SLK World Forum and also on EBay. We provide a lifetime warranty and stand behind this product 100%. The wind deflector is constructed from an incredible 3/8” thick Acrylite Glass material, making it the thickest and strongest on the market to date. Do not be fooled by cheaper, low quality designs that are available.

Our designs and materials are guaranteed against breaking, clouding and yellowing over time like you will experience with the cheaper models out there. We use real steel and top quality windscreen hardware that are all powder coated to perfection.

We’re sorry, but cheap velcro straps just do not belong on a vehicle like the Mercedes Benz SLK. Also, we use real laser engraving processes with our custom windscreens. The custom engraved logos are guaranteed never to fade, peel off or discolor like the stickers will that you see available. Our lighted and etched windscreen is a guaranteed head turner and show stopper for those of you that like to show off your cars. So if you are on the fence about purchasing a wind screen for your convertible, choose the Windrestrictor® today and become a part of thousands of other satisfied customers world wide.

Our quality products and professionalism will not let you down!
From the industry leader in convertible automobile wind blocking devices, King Penn Industries, comes the long awaited WindRestrictor for Ford Mustangs! Manufactured from incredibly transparent materials the Windrestrictor® is much easier to see through than other versions on the market. The new Mustang Windrestrictor® is be made of 3/8ths of an inch (9.53mm) Acrylite glass combined with a proprietary edge treatment for producing a dramatic, almost "fiber-optic" but classy illumination effect to the products edge and laser engraved graphics. King Penn Industries uses only top shelf, green technology in the casting process for our wind blocking systems. They are so confident in their product's durability that they offer a full LIFETIME warranty on their Mustang wind locker unlike any other wind deflector company.

Owners of other brands of wind blockers have complained that rearward vision is difficult or nearly impossible. The King Penn Industries Windrestrictor® is totally transparent so seeing out of the back of your vehicle is about as easy as looking through your front window. All of this AND it does what it says it does; restricts the wind’s effect. Backdraft be gone! You will also be able to truly have conversations in your vehicle after you drop the top without having to shout at the top of your lungs with the added benefit of being able to enjoy better clarity from your sound system. Installation can be done by professionals or fully DIY with the help of our included instructions and kit. The installation on this Mustang windscreen is approximately 5 minutes if you buy the 12V plug adapter, and 30 minutes even with hard wiring to the vehicle.

While technical aspects are something that KPI is proud of, let's not forget about the head-turning look of the Windrestrictor®. The etched and lighted Windrestrictor® is laser engraved to perfection so that the graphics will never fade, turn colors or peel off over time as stickers may. KPI offers standard or personalized options for their Mustang wind deflectors. The limits are your own imagination! The personalization is perhaps the best feature of the custom WindRestrictor®. With the brand new Mustang Windrestrictor® you will be able to choose from Ford Licensed Mustang graphics or you can work with one of KPI’s top graphic designers to develop your own custom artwork! Either way your Mustang will be set apart from the rest and get major attention.

Also setting the Windrestrictor® apart is its mounting system. There are many wind blockers for the Mustang Convertible that utilizes subpar bracket systems. Most are either bulky plastic frames that block off the rear passenger seating area or cheap Velcro straps that are less than appealing to the eye as well as allowing for excessive vibrations at highway speeds. Not so with King Penn Industries’ patent pending design. We know that the Mustang, the Mustang GT, the SVT, the Cobra and the Shelby GT500 Mustangs are anything but slow. Keeping in mind the top speeds of some of these convertibles King Penn Industries spent a lot of time developing a very rigid but very sleek bracket system. The new system will allow for maximum wind turbulence reduction while at the same time allowing rear passengers to be included in the top down driving experience. The model specific containment bracket is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is powder coated to perfection. Every last detail was considered while developing the windscreen so that it would be the absolute best quality available and hold up to the high standard that Ford sets with the Mustang. Do you have the Mustang coupe? We’ve got you covered also! The Windrestrictor has now been modified to fit the coupes also. This is an absolute SHOW STOPPER!

King Penn is aware of the storied history of Ford’s Mustang, and the enjoyment driving a convertible on a cloudless day can give. Let King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® be a part of your Mustang top down driving experience.