Features & Benefits

We've done countless hours of extensive research, development and testing to bring to high-end roadster owners the best quality, most precisely designed and most awesome looking wind deflecting devices on the market.

Our Wind Restrictor is an amazing, unique and durable product that blocks as much, if not more, wind turbulence than the factory OEM mesh net windscreens and helps to maintain the temperature inside of your roadster when the top is down. All of the Wind Restrictors™ we offer can remain in place with the roof closed and are mounted solid yet inconspicuously without any permanent alterations to your roadster.

Personalize your roadster with laser etched graphics of your own design or choose from our stock graphics.

THE "must have" for all Pontiac Solstice, Saturn SKY, Mercedes-Benz SLK 170 & 171 , Opel GT, Honda S2000, and Chrysler Crossfire. Soon to come; Wind Restrictor™ for Porsche Boxster, Audi TT, Mazda Miata MX-5, Chevrolet SSR, Cadillac XLR, BMW Z3 & Z4 and other fine roadsters.

Some benefits of the Illuminated Wind Restrictor™...

1. Eliminate most wind turbulence and wind noise
2. Personalize your roadster with illuminated graphics
3. Advertise your business with an etched logo
4. Can be wired to brake lamps, fog lamps etc.
5. Prevent unrelenting wind buffeting and driver fatigue
6. Carry on conversations with your passenger without raising your voice
7. Arrive with your hair in place and free of tangles, especially long hair
8. Enjoy more of the full richness and clarity of your stereo
9. Help maintain the temperature in your roadster when top is down
10. Each order includes spray cleaner, cotton gloves or other accessories

The only wind deflecting device to have all these features...

*Made from double-sided AR Polycarbonate.
(Very durable acrylic type material is also scratch resistant! Others are made out of much cheaper materials and dangerously breakable plastics. Some may be made out of Lexan; the disadvantage to Lexan is that it scratches easily and won't emit illumination, It may also discolor with etching.)

*Professionally precisely designed and laser cut.
(Others are produced at home using table routers and jigsaws leaving rough edges and defective shapes. Wind Restrictors™ are professionally produced from the finest materials using state-of-the-art equipment.)

*Can order with ILLUMINATION.
(The only wind deflecting device on the market that has this patent pending feature! You can have the Wind Restrictor™ Light Kit hard wired to any 12 volt wire of your roadster, e.g. fog lamps, brake lights, driving lights, etc. Most car audio/electronic shops or dealerships can wire it or you can do it your self in less than 1 hour. A cigarette lighter plug adapter or AAA battery pack can be added for an easy, convenient connection.)

*Can order Laser engraving.
(Etched with a high powered laser to really make your roadster unique and stand out. The engraving will also emit light and give off an awesome glowing effect with a Light Kit installed. personalize your roadster with a custom logo or stock graphics.)

*PERFECTLY formed to the contours of your roadster.
(Others are not designed and manufactured to exactly fit the bodylines or roll bars on your roadster.)

*Attaches to your roadster without permanent alteration or tacky fixtures.
(No drilling of holes, adhesive tape, Velcro or straps.)

*Extremely smooth crystal-clear edges.
(Others are sometimes sharp and ridged, ours are laser cut smooth to perfection then flame polished so that the Wind Restrictor™ looks and feels like a million bucks as well as emitting illumination to the fullest.)

*Installation easy as 1,2,3!
(1.- Remove 2-4 screws from your rear panel; 2.- Mount the Wind Restrictor™ into place; 3.- Put extended screw connectors back in place! takes about 5-8 minutes.)

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Fast Ride: No Wind.

Convertible driving has never been more fun!

Introducing the all new Windrestrictor® for the Mercedes Benz SLK R172 roadster. We feel this wind restrictor will change the convertible driving experience forever! Our engineers spent a lot of time and energy on this beautiful windblocker. We’ve been known over the last several years for our product quality and top notch customer service. When you see this design in person, I know you will agree that it’s nothing less than OEM quality at an aftermarket price. Our SLK windschott is designed to block the maximum amount of wind turbulence from entering the cabin as possible when driving with the top down at highway speeds.

This laser etched and illuminated windscreen from King Penn Industries will add sharp distinction to your already impressive convertible SLK. This product is highly reviewed on the SLK World Forum and also on EBay. We provide a lifetime warranty and stand behind this product 100%. The wind deflector is constructed from an incredible 3/8” thick Acrylite Glass material, making it the thickest and strongest on the market to date. Do not be fooled by cheaper, low quality designs that are available.

Our designs and materials are guaranteed against breaking, clouding and yellowing over time like you will experience with the cheaper models out there. We use real steel and top quality windscreen hardware that are all powder coated to perfection.

We’re sorry, but cheap velcro straps just do not belong on a vehicle like the Mercedes Benz SLK. Also, we use real laser engraving processes with our custom windscreens. The custom engraved logos are guaranteed never to fade, peel off or discolor like the stickers will that you see available. Our lighted and etched windscreen is a guaranteed head turner and show stopper for those of you that like to show off your cars. So if you are on the fence about purchasing a wind screen for your convertible, choose the Windrestrictor® today and become a part of thousands of other satisfied customers world wide.

Our quality products and professionalism will not let you down!
From the industry leader in convertible automobile wind blocking devices, King Penn Industries, comes the long awaited WindRestrictor for Ford Mustangs! Manufactured from incredibly transparent materials the Windrestrictor® is much easier to see through than other versions on the market. The new Mustang Windrestrictor® is be made of 3/8ths of an inch (9.53mm) Acrylite glass combined with a proprietary edge treatment for producing a dramatic, almost "fiber-optic" but classy illumination effect to the products edge and laser engraved graphics. King Penn Industries uses only top shelf, green technology in the casting process for our wind blocking systems. They are so confident in their product's durability that they offer a full LIFETIME warranty on their Mustang wind locker unlike any other wind deflector company.

Owners of other brands of wind blockers have complained that rearward vision is difficult or nearly impossible. The King Penn Industries Windrestrictor® is totally transparent so seeing out of the back of your vehicle is about as easy as looking through your front window. All of this AND it does what it says it does; restricts the wind’s effect. Backdraft be gone! You will also be able to truly have conversations in your vehicle after you drop the top without having to shout at the top of your lungs with the added benefit of being able to enjoy better clarity from your sound system. Installation can be done by professionals or fully DIY with the help of our included instructions and kit. The installation on this Mustang windscreen is approximately 5 minutes if you buy the 12V plug adapter, and 30 minutes even with hard wiring to the vehicle.

While technical aspects are something that KPI is proud of, let's not forget about the head-turning look of the Windrestrictor®. The etched and lighted Windrestrictor® is laser engraved to perfection so that the graphics will never fade, turn colors or peel off over time as stickers may. KPI offers standard or personalized options for their Mustang wind deflectors. The limits are your own imagination! The personalization is perhaps the best feature of the custom WindRestrictor®. With the brand new Mustang Windrestrictor® you will be able to choose from Ford Licensed Mustang graphics or you can work with one of KPI’s top graphic designers to develop your own custom artwork! Either way your Mustang will be set apart from the rest and get major attention.

Also setting the Windrestrictor® apart is its mounting system. There are many wind blockers for the Mustang Convertible that utilizes subpar bracket systems. Most are either bulky plastic frames that block off the rear passenger seating area or cheap Velcro straps that are less than appealing to the eye as well as allowing for excessive vibrations at highway speeds. Not so with King Penn Industries’ patent pending design. We know that the Mustang, the Mustang GT, the SVT, the Cobra and the Shelby GT500 Mustangs are anything but slow. Keeping in mind the top speeds of some of these convertibles King Penn Industries spent a lot of time developing a very rigid but very sleek bracket system. The new system will allow for maximum wind turbulence reduction while at the same time allowing rear passengers to be included in the top down driving experience. The model specific containment bracket is constructed from high quality stainless steel and is powder coated to perfection. Every last detail was considered while developing the windscreen so that it would be the absolute best quality available and hold up to the high standard that Ford sets with the Mustang. Do you have the Mustang coupe? We’ve got you covered also! The Windrestrictor has now been modified to fit the coupes also. This is an absolute SHOW STOPPER!

King Penn is aware of the storied history of Ford’s Mustang, and the enjoyment driving a convertible on a cloudless day can give. Let King Penn Industries WindRestrictor® be a part of your Mustang top down driving experience.